Short Vowel Phonics Books

The Short Vowel Phonics series is a 6 volume set of phonics books geared with the beginning or struggling reader in mind.

  • Short Vowel Phonics Book 1 phonics books engage readers consist of ten stories, using short vowel words without consonant blends. Four non-phonetic sight words are used: a, has, is, the.
  • Short Vowel Phonics Book 2 (a,i) and Short Vowel Phonics Book 2 (o,u,e) phonics books advance readers with sixteen short stories, using short vowel words, including consonant blends and silent consonants. Six non-phonetic sight words are used: a, as, has, his, is, the.
  • Short Vowel Phonics Book 3 phonics books introduce poetry with six short stories and five poems using short vowel words, consonant blends, silent consonants, double consonants, and “-ing” words (king, ring, sing etc.) and as a suffix. Seven non-phonetic sight words are used: a, as, has, his, is, of, the
  • Short Vowel Phonics Book 4 consists of five stories. These phonics books introduce readers to consonant digraphs: ch, sh, th, wh. Nine non-phonetic sight words are used: a, as, has, his, is, of, the, they, to.
  • Short Vowel Phonics Book 5 include six stories and three poems. These phonics books introduce the reader to compound words and short vowel words with kn, -nch, -nk, -tch and vowel y. The same nine non-phonetic sight words used in Short Vowel Phonics 4 are used in this book.
  • Short Vowel Phonics Book 6 is the last of the phonics books in the series. Readers experience the words of comprehension: who, what, when, where, why and how. Using logic and a little bit of forensic science, members of the fictional Whitt family solve the G-rated household mysteries. The last chapter examines facts on fingerprints. These phonics books use short vowel words and nine non-phonetic sight words.

The Short Vowel Phonics Short Stories consist of sixteen separate stories in a chapter book format, and is designed for struggling readers grades 2 to 4.

The Decodable Alphabet Chart is available in many formats.