Short Vowel Phonics Book 1

Short Vowel Phonics Book 1

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Short Vowel Phonics Book 1

Short Vowel Phonics Book 1 is a 10 story phonics book which contains, primarily, short vowel words in the vowel-consonant (v-c) and c-v-c pattern. The featured vowel is used repetitively throughout the story. Four non-phonetic sight words: a, has, is, the. The light-hearted, realistic short stories have 4 to 9 sentences. Words are 1 to 4 letters in length (hat, in, runs, jets).

In the Homeschool and School CD site license editions, each story has phonics worksheets for additional practice and evaluating comprehension. Library, and e-book editions do not have phonics worksheets.

Short Vowel Phonics 1 is also available on Kindle ebook

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