About Short Vowel Phonics

Short Vowel Phonics LLC is a home-based business that began in 2006 by Dr. Patricia Norton, a mother of a struggling reader. The roots of this company began when my child was in first grade and it was discovered the methods used in his school were not successful in teaching him to read. The first stop, for this desperate mother, was our public library to find basic readers to help him. While the librarians were as helpful as they could be, the library had no books available with a reading level low enough that I could use to begin to help my child. Out of necessity, I began writing basic phonetic stories for him. After becoming trained as a reading tutor, I began tutoring struggling readers. Through the eyes of the children with whom I worked, I saw that even the easiest of the “easy readers” series had many stumbling blocks for them in their road to reading success. As a result of my experience as a mother, a researcher, and a tutor to struggling readers, I wrote the Short Vowel Phonics series.

The mission of my company, Short Vowel Phonics LLC, is to help early and struggling readers experience success in earliest attempts at reading a story. The goal of the company is to make its reading material widely available so that parents have a resource for their struggling reader. This goal can only be reached through integrity.

About the Pictures

As the parent of a struggling reader and as a reading tutor to struggling readers, the author formatted the books so that the child would read the word first before the child sees a pictorial representation of the word. A word will be read in a previous story or page, or the word will be read in the title of the story. Therefore, the child should read the title of the story before reading the rest of the text.

The artist, Sarah E. Cashman, has done a “yeowoman’s” job in her illustrations. She has made the pictures fun and exciting yet she kept the information in the pictures limited so the child can not use the pictures as a crutch for decoding the words.